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Originally Posted by nightwalker View Post
That would be fine but gf is always telling me to go off and do my own thing as if I am not wanted. our daughter is not 2 yet do I just think we need to take it easy for a while. I feel like I am living with two daughters Now and I am trying to be play Dad to my gf who is now acting like rebelious teenager. what do people think of my boundaries of we only see one other SO at a time and we keep these other relationships vanilla
What do you mean by keeping the other relationships vanilla? Do you mean no kinky sex? If so I'm wondering what difference it makes what kind of sex people are having with each other.

Unfortunately to me your boundaries are still sounding an awful lot like an ultimatum. I think you would be better off voicing what your needs are and asking her to meet those needs for you rather than trying to take something away from her that she values.

I think your girlfriend may have a different perception of what it takes to be a good parent. She might need that time away to reconnect with herself so that she doesn't start feeling lost in being a parent while losing her own identity (I'm projecting here because that's how I felt early on before I reconnected with myself). When she is with you and your daughter is she engaged and interested in being there?

I have more to say but unfortunatlely it's time for work.
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