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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
It's not babysitting when you are caring for your own children! I understand the resentment though if one parent is able to have "grown up time" and the other parent is always left with caring for the children.

Nightwalker, would you feel better if you were given one full day a week to pursue something of interest to you? To me that seems like a fair compromise. It sounds to me that you really need some time away to be yourself and to not be Daddy for a while.

This kind of thing still happens when people are monogamous. One partner can have a hobby or friend or job that takes them away from the family for long periods of time during the week. Is this other relationship healthy for your girlfriend? If it is try to shift your focus from it being another relationship to your need for time away as well and time as a family.
That would be fine but gf is always telling me to go off and do my own thing as if I am not wanted. our daughter is not 2 yet do I just think we need to take it easy for a while. I feel like I am living with two daughters Now and I am trying to be play Dad to my gf who is now acting like rebelious teenager. what do people think of my boundaries of we only see one other SO at a time and we keep these other relationships vanilla
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