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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Funny, I don't think of a date as that much of an investment. To me, it's a chance to get to know a little bit about someone and see if I want it to go anywhere. How do you fall in love with someone before you get to know them?
Well, I wouldn't date someone I'm not in love with. What's the point? I'm sure other people find one, but the only reason I ever want someone as my partner is that I'm in love with them. I don't go "hey, I have so many partner, I could use one more, let's start auditioning".
You can get to really know people if you work with them every day for years, or if you talk daily over the Internet, and so on. Usually I develop feelings at some point, and that's when I start considering a relationship.

I realise my approach can't be the usual one, otherwise why would anyone use dating sites? But yeah, in my case the first date happens after I say "I love you". Or I guess if I'm shy I wait until the end of the first date to say it.

Anyways, I guess I'm not much help here! My experiences don't have much to do with the advice you need.
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