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So I have gotten my letter written out and ready to send.. after a number of rewrites and hack jobs it ended up at 5 pages long - typed... *sigh* I talk way too much....

Everything in it was important to me to say... so hopefully it comes across the right way... K called me from work just as I was finishing it up... and noticed the stress in my voice, so we are sitting down to talk about it tonight - which will be me showing him the letter... following which I will be sending it to T as well... GULP..

Being authentic and vulnerable sure as hell aint easy... this has to be one of the hardest things I can remember doing... I am absolutely terrified of how this will go. Yeah they both already know how I feel... but this is kinda for me my last straw.. if K can't deal with the reality of it... I really don't know what I'll do... if T doesn't respond but K is okay I'll survive... but if they both go down the gurgler... Its going to be one hell of a rocky road *NOTE: major understatement*

Think happy thoughts for me tonight guys.. I am absolutely petrified
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