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Ok, I haven't read ALL of the replies yet. (sorry)

BUT...I DID see the part about how neither of the men involved want to see the other doing PDA's in public. Thats absurd. I LOVE PDA's. Absolutely LOVE them. I love holding hands...kissing...ass grabbing...the whole gambut.

I also noticed how one doesn't want you going out with the other while he's at work. I'm the same way. I don't want my wife L, to go on dates with her boyfriend while I'm at work. I don't know why, but it drives me absolutley batty thinking about it. It's strange, because I don't have an issue with them going out alone. Just going out alone while I'm at work. It drives ME just as apeshit as it does L. She respects me and doesn't do it, but doesn't UNDERSTAND it. I don't either. So it's difficult. But the rule applies to me as well. I don't go out on dates with my gf while L is working. I also don't invite my gf over to visit me on my lunch breaks at work unless L is there.

L and I have been married and tied at the hip for 20 years....It could be why. DUNNO.
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