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My wife likes to be restrained and tied down. I'm not into that sort of thing. She is a switch, though, so she likes to be the one in control also. And I'm also not really into that either......

Her last boyfriend wasn't either, but he was more willing to do those sort of things than me. So she had a good time. I do it every once in a blue moon, but not nearly enough for her liking.

I CAN walk the walk...but I prefer not to. It reveals a side of me I don't like. My mean and nasty side. I have held my wife down...and (at her request) choked her almost to the point of her passing out....called her a filthy whore and a slut....smacked her ass and tied her down....blindfolded her....etc etc etc. But it's so totally NOT in my nature to do these things. It's hard for me to do those things.....but I do them for the one I love.
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