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Default Benefits of being together

Tonight I got to share in a very mundane but very inspiring event. Redpepper's dryer died yesterday and she told me what happened when I was at work. I jumped on Craigslist, located a dryer close by and sent the link to PN while she called him to tell him the link was coming. Last night, while her and I went to see Harry Potter, PN and LB checked it out. Today me and PN pulled the old dryer out, took my truck to get the "new" one and for the cost of a service call they had a working and more updated dryer. Meanwhile Redpepper was doing the nightly tasks of their house. Afterwards I sat with their son (LB) for a while before he went to bed and then the three of us enjoyed a seasonal tea and light chat together. After that I went back to my suite to watch a movie and they carried on with their evening. There are definite benefits to having more adult hands around. PN and I work well as a team; we are a good mix of planning and reckless action that gets things done without anyone losing a finger!

This was a simple thing but one that showed me how mutually benefitcial this can far so good

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