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Master and i and anna sat down tonight and talked....really talked and He explained a lot of things to me. anna was a slave He sent away to protect her.... He was in love with her and anna says loving a slave and being in love with a slave are not the same thing.
He has no contact with her for 2 years .... He falls in love with me ... She shows up has been through hell and He feels guilty and an overwhelming need to protect her as well as the love He had never let go of. i only hope He loves me half as much....anna says He loves me more.
HIs world turns chaotic...toss into the mix a major snow storm and work turns chaotic as well. Now Master is on overload....and has His alpha feeling confused and left out...anna on His mind ... and yeah a bit of an ego trip came on as well He says.
He apologised for leaving me out in the middle of nowhere .... actually spent a lot of quality time together and then because i am once more feeling safe i suggested to Him i go out tomorrow night so Him and anna can have time together.

i am not against the relationship i just still need to feel loved and secure.... He is ok that i am mad at Him and says He would be too.

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