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Originally Posted by oikord View Post
Hello, it did feel good to vent. Everything I said was truthful. I was hoping to leave personal details out but I couldn't. I guess my wife is thinking there are less severe STDs. In this case it is G. Herpes and HPV. We have O. Herpes (who doesn't?) and its really low statistic to have both, abd says 80% of women have HPV. We are both clean of these right now and it would feel horrible if/when we got these. There seems to be a plumbing problem when they use a condom (oh darn!) and they were seeking a solution. She is agreeing to stick with condom for now and I've promised to stay with her. I was feeling anguish before and you must have picked up on that. Wish me luck.
No offence but you are still playing with odds. Totally your choice of course, but it is your right to avoid infection

Plumbing problem with a condom? Never an excuse.
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