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Default domination & humiliation

potential partner is into things that i have no experience with. it's even hard for me to write, a little bit, and i'm not really shy.

but, ok. like femdom..never heard of term b4...i don't know if i can do that. i wd possibly try.

just feeling ambivilant, i know i will wind up doing what i'm comfortable with, but i feel like such a novice. i'm not used to being called, my lord or humiliating people, it's u;sually my nature to make people feel comfortable. but, to laugh and make a man beg, or whatever else.., lol.

well, thanks for reading. this would be a new partner that i'm considering who wants me to have an alpha male and young lover as well.

my boyfriend would not go for this, he's wouldn't get him involved..but, i'm willing to recruit a more dominant male. as long as fetish guy is ligitimately a nice person & i'm attracted to him, i think it's worth trying.

need advice on how to be dominating. not sure if it's in me.
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