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Default Hey all! New triad brewing...

I've been reading the forums a bit the last few days and I decided I like it here and I want to stay.

Let's see... I'm 28 and I just got married this August. My partner and I are both pretty open minded and have had alternative relationship experiences in the past (before we met). He and I have been talking about opening our relationship hypothetically on and off for about 2 years...but never actively pursued anything. Then a dynamic developed pretty organically after I told my SO that I had a crush on a good friend of mine. They also had a lot of chemistry and three of us spent more and more time together - but once we finally breached the subject she bolted. There were a lot of issues there but thats a story for another time. That experience taught us a lot about our relationship and helped to reveal some of our boundaries and that we definitely want to pursue some kind of triad in the future but right now with a primary/secondary kind of bent.

Fast forward to now and we are just on the brink of entering a new friendship with a girl that my SO introduced me to. This time things are going much better. The communication between the three of us is staggeringly easy and everything is already 'out there'. I'm kind of amazed. I guess we learned some about doing things the 'wrong way' the first time around and luckily without much damage. But, I know that I am still a noob and I am here to learn more from those who have tread before me and I can use all the help I can get.

Other things about me: I am openly bisexual (although I prefer queer), an artist, a professional webmaster, and I have two adorable pet bunnies. Just another lovely nerdy weirdo! I can't wait to meet everyone.

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