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Originally Posted by oikord View Post
Also they have multiple STDs (not life threatening) and his goal is to have my wife bare - doh. I'm fixed but he is not and he has children with three women. His SO said 'they' are considering (my wife and him) she get an IUD for this so it wouldn't be long until I have multiple STDs - doh.

OK I guess you call that venting I think I'm in trouble.
I'm sorry - WHAT??? THEY have multiple STD's and his goal is to have your wife bare??? WTF...

I would be running a million miles from this one - does your wife know about this - okay she knows about the going bare bit - does she know about all the STD's? Is she willing to go down this path? for the sake of being bare? I know I sure as hell wouldn't and knowing someone would be happy to risk me getting ill just for the sake of 'nothing in between' .... NO WAY...

If your wife knows about this and is happy to risk you as well...

Time for a Big talk with your wife...

big hugs to you, I can't imagine what this is doing to you...
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