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I've read both of those books. They are not bad reads. They are also not either one able to be a full answer. I love to read-so I would say read them, it can't hurt.

I was VERY glad to read that he lets you speak openly-that's key to resolving this.
As a Master in a M/s relationship that is 24/7 I think I understand some of what the complications are-you're welcome to PM me if you have specific questions.

I want to say that the first thing that needs to happen is that you need to identify what your NEEDS are-a Master's job is to ensure that their slaves NEEDS are always met.
NEEDS vs wants gets complicated, because what YOU need may not be what someone else would NEED, it may be what they would simply WANT. So it's imperative that YOU know the difference and be able to express that openly and honestly.

For example-
Music is a NEED for my slave. Without it-he would wither away.
But that is not a NEED for everyone, for some people its simply a luxury.

On the other hand, sex is a luxury for my slave.
BUT if I were the slave, sex is a NEED for me...

You see?

So work on identifying, in simple terms what are YOUR needs in a relationship and what are the steps to ensuring that those needs are met.

"Hardlimits" so to speak. But in relationship context.

So many people get into full time D/s or M/s relationships having only considered their sexual hard limits-but you have to know the relationship hard limits too if you are in a 24/7 dynamic.

The first link below could keep you busy for days-I read every single article and link on it before agreeding to ANY type of D/s or M/s relationship. I would suggest reading it-there are some GREAT links in there and GREAT articles as well.

Also-see if you can find "Awaiting the One" by Author J. Mikael Togneri. I can't recall where I found it-I printed it and gave it to my slave, but it may have some useful hints on ways to work through and around the issues you are struggling with in your M/s dynamic.

good links to check out:
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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