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Originally Posted by Erin View Post
I apologize if I am reading this wrong, but it sounds to me like he is toying with you when he changes the subject. He likes the idea but won't take it any further. Is he in a relationship of his own? I am also in that situation where if I begin to 'toy' he changes the subject to mundane things - and it is so annoying that I've stopped 'toying' with him. I'm reminded of that dreaded quote, "He's just not that into you." I'm not saying this is happening to you, but I'd be aware of the smaller signs to see if he is causing more of a divide between you and your husband with his "innocent" games. His ego is fed because he knows he's got your attention, so he'll toy until he thinks it's gone too far. Just sharin' my two pennies - you can take 'em for what it's worth or gladly leave 'em at the door

Seriously, though, good luck!
he may be toying with me. I guess I should tell you we know each other from gaming... (board games)... so it's our nature to play games...

he is not in a relationship... he has been in the past but never married... I was the big flirt with him... now he took me up on it.... and he told me from the beginning that he was busy and it would take time... he runs hot and cold with me... just when I think I have his attention he's gone... poof... and I need to wait till he's ready again... He's used to being in charge from what I can tell... and I guess I'm a bit over the top for him..
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