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Originally Posted by Breathesgirl View Post
Something specifically for the two of you..swinging was something you did together, as someone else pointed out, it was something special the two of you shared.
But they can still swing together


You say that you are enjoying the mental connection with your new guy, the conversations, the intellectual exchange. Is there something the two of you share, maybe you haven't done it in a while, which you could do again soon to show him that you really do love him, are there for him, that THIS relationship is VERY important to you.
Have this.

Regardless of the status of swinging, her hubby will have discomfort with the separation of the love in a poly relationship. Thats the part that needs to be figured out. Not finding something new to do together.

At least thats my take on the situation. They could take up knitting together and would still have the same problems in this potential poly relationship.
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