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Default Family Therapy (Marriage Counseling) Dropped from Insurance!

Has anyone else sought after Marriage Counseling (termed Family Therapy for insurance coverage) but been unable to because their insurance company doesn't really cover it?

I learned today that BOTH of our insurance companies won't support my interest in seeking family therapy (to prevent The Big D). One plan dropped 'counseling' altogether, and the other will pay 60% for 30 days IF my deductible is met AND if I've been clinically diagnosed as having a disorder such as depression!!!

This means I'd have to be diagnosed with a disorder to get 60% covered, but then I'd have to be "cured" in under 30 days. What has this world come to?!

This leaves me to reading books and writing on this forum. My husband refuses to accept my open-marriage requests, but I also don't want divorce. What have you done to find comfort during your tough times?
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