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Hi Lotus,

Welcome! Where are you from?

I am also new to this site. My position in my own marriage sides more with your husband as my own husband fiercely disagrees with the notion of opening up our now-closed, sexless marriage. In truth, I don't think he'll ever accept my wishes. Opposite of you, I am unable to talk to my husband about it at all. I am learning a lot from this forum and hope you will too. I am happy to hear your husband is open with you - that means he wants to establish trust and keep it with you. Consider the alternative. For my own marriage, I learned today that both insurance companies dropped covering "family therapy" for marriage counseling. Pity during a time when the divorce rate is so high.

I suggest you explore this forum to meet new people. There are monos on this site too, and I'm sure they will help you. I'm going to Barnes and Noble today to pick up "The Ethical Slut" to learn more about what I'm going through. Like me, I'm sure this has caused a gap in your own marriage. I am sure you have many emotions that just need to get out, so please take advantage of this site and any advice they have to offer. And be thankful for your husband when he's being open with you - consider the alternative.

Good luck! You are not alone in your thoughts.
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