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Something specifically for the two of you..swinging was something you did together, as someone else pointed out, it was something special the two of you shared.

You say that you are enjoying the mental connection with your new guy, the conversations, the intellectual exchange. Is there something the two of you share, maybe you haven't done it in a while, which you could do again soon to show him that you really do love him, are there for him, that THIS relationship is VERY important to you.

I'm trying to think of examples but my mind is drawing a blank (vacation time tends to do that to me). Maybe visit a special place that is only special to the two of you, you don't go there with anyone else?

Gahhhhhhhhh, it feels like I'm being clear as mud. Maybe once Breathes gets home he can help me clarify what I'm trying to say *sigh*.
There are as many ways to do polyamory as there are people practicing it!
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