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Default Hurt ego spill over

Is it normal for one to experience some rejection or ego bruising from relationship and then worry their other relationship partner will end up doing the same?

What can one partner do to help the other in this situation when they didn't do whatever caused the hurt feelings to begin with?

How do you continue to enjoy your other relationship while still attending to the another's insecurities that you didn't contribute to first hand but now feel you are contributing to by having an other interest?

I get that feeling outright or momentary rejection by a person who has gotten to know you is harder that being rejected by a stranger. But if you didn't cause the hurt feelings, how do you be there, give reassurance and help them get past it when they continue to see the person making them feel this way AND you having another interest only makes them dwell on the insecurities more?

Long story short; my primary partner keeps getting his feelings hurt by his other and then getting more sensitive about my attention to my own other while I'm not doing anything differently than I was before. What didn't bother him initially now sometimes does and now any time I give to my other interest makes me feel guilty and I can't enjoy it.
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