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Angry wow

Some really good things to think about ....
i wrote out a list of parameters last night in which i was willing to look at the relationship ....basically she lives on her own and has 1 night a week totally hers i have 1 that is totally mine no matter what and one night in which we all 3 get together .... i dont want to be here if they are playing or having sex just let me go out somewhere else ... that at the moment she may be my chain sister but dont expect me to trust her because if the situation would have been reversed i would have asked Master to stop and looked out for her good.

Master looked at them this morning and said He will think about them. i kinda want this to work unfortunately i love Him but really really want to hate Him at the moment and even said that to Him.

He allows me the freedom to speak honestly which is good...He does not always understand. Right now i am just totally frustrated and really trying hard not to say F*** it all

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