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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
I think THAT conversation should be talked out as soon as possible. It seems the best way is to just get everything out of the way. You'll know then and there whether to go on with what you want or to just walk away. The sooner the better. I know I'd want to know about all that before it was too late.

yeah but for right now it's just supposed to be fun and games.... and I'm ok with that. I'm not sure what to think... I know from my dating days that you don't change the rules on someone.

he's met hubby. the three of us talked about the fact that he and i were going to embark on No strings attached sex... but that i needed to have some connection to him... so we started email... and every time I try to talk about sexual things he drags me back to the mundane... I almost feel like a girl friend listening to him vent about work and such...

not sure how to proceed... thinking i need to wait till we are face to face to talk about it... email gives me less control with him than I need.

I'm not use to dominant men. My husband is submissive in most things. As an older woman I tend to be a bit more forthright and dominant. This new guy does not seem to take that well.... (and that I admit is part of his charm)
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