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Well this "Master" doesn't REALLY "own" you. You have the right to leave or re-negotiate the terms of the arrangement.

I know this can seem difficult because the M/s relationship exerts a certain amount of mind-control which can make it seem like you really ARE the master's "property". A D/s relationship is supposed to be fun and rewarding for BOTH the master AND the slave. Despite what some people have said here, you DO have some say in the matter. The master is supposed to CARE FOR the slave just like the slave is supposed to SERVE the master. If a master is truly a control freak, the slave does not have to put up with bullshit.

In the eyes of the law you are still your own person with individual rights. You do NOT have to accept this if it isn't working for you. Not everyone who is into BDSM does it for the right reasons. There is nothing noble about subjecting yourself to conditions that are counterproductive.
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