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I studied Astrology heavily for over 10 years. I still believe wholeheartedly in it, but have distanced myself somewhat based on the pre-judgement that can result if you focus on Astological traits. Since we all have so many planets and influences, and since most people only know their sun signs, I try not to jump on sun sign compatibility too often.

I'm a Scorpio with a Sag/Cap cusp rising (more sag than cap) a moon in Virgo and a sag mercury. My only aspect in Taurus is Jupiter. I love the Tauruses in my life. You peeps are laid back and cool in my book

If you're interested, I would highly recommend Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers book "The Secret Language of Relationships". Goldschneider goes by an Astrological system of weeks (Aries/Taurus cusp, Taurus I, Taurus II, Taurus III, Taurus/Gemini cusp). It is very specific and breaks down the superstructure of each sun sign into individual personality types instead of just a "big chunk of Taurus".

Thanks for your post. Really brought me back
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