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Originally Posted by whatamIdoing View Post
Hubby has made me solemnly swear that if the new guy tries to get me to leave him I will end the relationship. I keep trying to explain to him over and over that it will not happen. I did promise that I would end it if it did come to that, I just don't ever see that happening Mr. DNPWWO is not interested in me that way.... (at least not that I know of)...

I love my husband so much. AND I love him even more for being brave enough in the face of his fears to allow me the freedom to explore this.

Again, I have not discussed this with the new fellow... he has no clue I've thought of this, he's not a swinger, nor is he poly to the best of my knowledge. He's a forever single guy... and yes I am a bit distracted in my fantasies of him at this point....wondering if one day I can manage to entice him into a full poly relationship with me...

now to figure out the signs of how to know when he's ready for THAT conversation....
I think THAT conversation should be talked out as soon as possible. It seems the best way is to just get everything out of the way. You'll know then and there whether to go on with what you want or to just walk away. The sooner the better. I know I'd want to know about all that before it was too late.
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