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Default --Thunder

I'm going to start with Thunder, since I'm in the same room as him.

I first met Thunder in our junior year of high school. After a couple months of knowing each other, we started dating. Since neither of us remember it that well, clearly we weren't very enthusiastic about it. After maybe two weeks, I broke it off and it was pretty mutual. Over those last two years of high school, we became awesome friends.

Thunder is the one who taught me how not to suck ass at Smash Brothers Melee, which was our main form of bonding after high school. We started also playing World of Warcraft together, he being my tank and I being his priest. It sounds dirty already... Well, nothing of great tumult really happened between Thunder and I save for the last year or so when he shacked up with one of our best friends, Wolf. Both of them had come out of very bad breakups, and they sort of fell into their own relationship.

I thought this was great, because it seemed to complete our circle of friends. Everyone before Wolf and Thunder were already engaged. However, this was not exactly meant to be. Wolf got bored, found she wasn't getting what she wanted from Thunder, and broke it off after only a couple months. Thunder was heartbroken and spent a lot of time pining for Wolf, which made my relationship with both people strained. Thunder would talk incessantly about missing her, and when it wasn't about missing her, it was about what a bitch she was.

It took a long time for Thunder to come out of this terrible funk. When he finally did, Wolf was already beginning another relationship that had been kept secret from all of us. I was devastated that she would be so secretive; I always thought we had the kind of relationship where we could tell each other everything. Wolf claimed it was because she didn't trust me enough. Needless to say, I cut her out of my life and left her adrift to fall where she may. I hate secrets more than almost anything else. They break relationships, even if they are sometimes for the best of reasons. Maybe it's no surprise I have this viewpoint now, because at the same time of this catastrophe of information from Wolf, my parents were threatening divorce on one another because my mother had been seeing someone on the side for a year or more. Just a family secret, right?

Well, this hate for secrets is why I was more than a little irritated with Thunder (who is by nature a very secretive person most times) when he began what Ariel and Vegeta lovingly refer to as a booty call. They say it wasn't a relationship really, because there was no commitment. It was simply sex. Either way, Company and I sure crimped that style when we got kicked out of my parents' house and Ariel took us in like stray puppies.

I feel as though I sort of fell into this relationship the way Thunder and Wolf fell into one... but if it's up to me, I will make it much longer-lasting.
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