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Originally Posted by Confused View Post
Another question, this time back to HPV.

I was infected by my husband way back when we first met, 12 years ago. I initially had warts on my labia that were treated with caustic solution and disappeared. Since then though I get abnormal PAP results every year and every year they send me for a colposcopy and biopsy the areas that are abnormal and it always comes back telling me its HPV. So my body clearly hasn't fought it off and its happily living on my cervix. I have yearly PAP tests and I'm not worried about it for me and my husband since he clearly hasn't suffered another outbreak in the 12 years we've been monogamous but just interested to know whether I could infect someone else after so long.
If you're still getting abnormal paps, I'm thinking the answer is yes. ...and he probably could infect someone else as well.
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