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This is an interesting thread. Of course, it seems obvious that if someone wants you to meet their SO, they are probably being at least that honest with you about being poly. Wondering: how soon after you meet a poly person do you expect to meet their SO?

Let's say you "meet" someone online and chat for a few weeks, hit it off, and things look good, so you finally want to meet. Is it proper to meet them alone without having met the SO first (of course, taking necessary safety precautions for setting it up)? Or is that frowned upon? Do you ask to meet them together first? I would think that maybe meeting the SO first isn't always needed, because you could get together with this person and find you have no chemistry whatsoever, then it would be a moot point to get the SO's approval. I know every couple has their own ground rules, just wondering if there is a sort of poly etiquette out there.
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