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I'm gathering from your words, LR, that Maca isn't OK even with private displays? If he doesn't see it then it isn't 'real' so he can just keep going as though everything's hunky dory, he's the ONLY man in your life apart from the kids.
Correct-thus why I said it was just polyamory in words, not actions.

I find this very absurd.

I'm curious, are your definitions of public and private the same?
I'm not sure. I know for me it depends to some degree. I would deem anything out of the house public for certain.
SOMETHINGS I would deem private at home as long as it's just the household here, but there are other things that I would say need to be ONLY one on one in order to be "private".

GG and I don't kiss beyond a peck in front of Maca either way. We DO NOT make out in front of him ever.
We do hug-he gets attitude every time, but I do it anyway-because I hug EVERYONE. I hugged Mono and RP the first time we met in person. I just hug.
We don't cuddle up together in front of him.
Even when he's organized "cuddle" times for the three of us-we don't cuddle. I will put my hand on his arm or chest, if we're under blankets in a MACA arranged cuddle time I will put one foot by GG's.
That's it.

Much hugs. I hope he settles this for himself soon so you can go back to living your life happily.
Me too. I hate seeing him hurting and I hate the constant strain of tension and stress.

As an aside: I'm enjoying reading your blog and seeing the process you're going through trying to get through this.
I'm glad someone is. I haven't been very good about writing the last two weeks. It just got overwhelming. It's hard to find the energy to write when I feel like I'm drowning in hopelessness.

But I'm glad that when I write it's getting read.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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