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It's almost as if he wants you to get mad and react as he would in such a situation. The thing is he can't fully understand your nature, because he is much different. His actions must be judged based on his nature not yours. I get the impression that he is trying to be cruel and this is a form of retaliation.
It's interesting that you said this-because he used to tell me all of the time that if I REALLY loved him, I'd get jealous and angry if he was paying attention to someone else. I hadn't thought about that in awhile, but we fought viciously in the early years over me not getting jealous and possessive. He would get spitting mad because he thought it meant that I didn't give a shit about him.

Is it possible that he has made his decission, but doesn't want to be percieved as the bad guy by walking away from his family? It is sounds like he is doing everything he can think of to make you mad enough that YOU call an end to it. I have seen my brother do this, sometimes not even countiously, but he will be unreasonable, difficult, moody, and just downright unpleasant until his g/f breaks up with him.
It is possible, but I don't know how to know for sure.

Either way-it seems to me that as I know what I want/believe/need, then I should stay my course regardless.
IF he wants to change his course-then he should change it.....

"Love As Thou Wilt"
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