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Originally Posted by Technicandy View Post
I'm well aware that this was very casual, but I will clarify that I know it wasn't cheating because I did ask him about that before we got too far. He and his partner have an open relationship when it comes to sex, so neither of us broke any rules by becoming intimate.
thanks for clarifying. To me it shows respect and consideration to check what is going on for them and what they have agreed to with each other.
Originally Posted by Technicandy View Post
And as for the sex being curiosity that I am a female, I should also clarify that I'm not the first female they've had in their relationship. I've found out from talking to a mutual friend of ours that a few months before I met them they were in a serious relationship with a female partner, and that things ended badly and she left but they stayed together. There is a possibility that they could be seeking someone to fill that hole, but I'm absolutely being realistic about this.
It sounds like you have a better idea of what is going on than I originally thought. good to know. thanks again for clarifying.
Originally Posted by Technicandy View Post
There is that possibility, but I'm not going to trick myself into thinking this is more serious than it is just because I want a romantic relationship with them. I hope that there's a future for this relationship, but if it was just casual sex then I'm fine with that too, as long as I'm still able to be friends with the two of them in the long run. My biggest worry I guess is that I've ruined my chances of having any sort of deep relationship with them, friendship or otherwise.
I agree with you, telling his partner will help with deeping your relationship, if that is what he also wants. It sounds like you know where you want to go... lets hope that they also want something similar.
Originally Posted by Technicandy View Post
Either way I've written him an email and finally gotten up the courage to send it, so I suppose now it's just a waiting game to find out where this is going and if we (I) made a mistake by jumping the gun for sex because of mutual physical attraction.
good luck, crossing fingers for you.
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