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Originally Posted by FlameKat View Post

I was having great difficulty reconciling the two... My footing was that I needed to have free and open communication with whomever I chose, whenever I chose, about whatever I chose...
That would be a footing as I see it It's indipendant of external influence and reflects a part of who you are.

Originally Posted by FlameKat View Post
This was "not cool" because my partner was having trouble with the depth of communication and the amount of time it was taking up (despite that it was not taking any time away from him)
Definitely a foundation aspect. There is room to adjust and be worked on to achieve but the core value is always constant.

Originally Posted by FlameKat View Post
For me - it was communication I NEEDED as well as WANTED... I was in the process of discovering things about myself, I was gaining strength and insight from this (To me this would equal the development of one or more footings)
BUT was having difficulty processing it and communicating that to my partner...
I think you have been pretty clear in the need present. This is a foundation ingredient in my opinion but it needs a compatable ingredient from your partner to solidify....that is why he needs to identify the aspects of his own footing. Does he have a matching ingredient that can be worked into the mix?
One solid footing is usually not enough to properly build a foundation. Sounds like it might be his time to look inside at who he is without the influence of anyone else.

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