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I never show GG pda with Maca around, I have no issue with that-if the tables were even.
But they are not.

I didn't say I wouldn't go to the parties-I said I won't go to the parties with both of them together.

I don't mind going to GG's party with GG and going to Maca's with Maca. I have issue with going with BOTH of them and Maca expecting me to flat ignore GG.

RP-I know what you are saying-and yes-I did vent on here about how I feel.
However, I haven't done that to him and he's not reading the board at this point.

My issue isn't the idea of not showing any sexual affection to one of them in front of the other.
My issue is the expectation that I rub that sexual affection between Maca and I into GG's face AND that I allow Maca to show sexual affection to other women in front of me, but never ever allow myself to show ANY KIND OF AFFECTION-sexual or otherwise to GG in front of Maca.

That's a clear cut double standard-even Maca says so.

If HE see's that he has a double standard AND
He says that he would never tolerate it if he were me AND
He says it's wrong and not what he wants.... .

Why should I do it?

Don't get me wrong-I don't think "worth" is really the question here. I understand what (don't recall the name) the other poster was saying (as I said). But worth isn't really the issue at hand.

Maca has worth-a great deal of worth to me.
And he knows it.

He told him himself that he's selfish and that he takes me for granted. He admittedly quite readily that he expects me to arrange my life so that I am available any time he wants me to be, but does not expect to have to rearrange his own life for my benefit at all.

He wants to be able to say snap his fingers and POOF, there I am. I should just be waiting on the shelf like Buzz Lightyear for whenever he finally decides he wants to play with me. It's not ok for me to make plans of my own.

He admits that he doesn't hate GG, he WANTS to hate GG because he's afraid people will laugh at him and think he's a fool because he "allows me" to have another man.
BUT-he's more than willing to flaunt that I allow him another woman all over town. He's more than willing to make off-hand comments to random people at the store about it, turn to kiss me, then turn and kiss her and/or grab both of our asses to really RUB IT IN that he's got both of us.

I would never do those things-ever. It's not my nature.
But I can't even kiss GG goodbye without getting an attitude, and I'm talking a light closed mouth kiss, not a deep, passionate make-out kiss.

Even so much as idly running my hand over GG's shoulder results in attitude.

But Maca can make out in public?

To be blunt, I'm just sick of the drama that results when he flip-flops back and forth. I really don't care any more WHAT his decision is. I just need him to MAKE a decision.

I can't continue with him moving in and out, HIM setting up "dates" for GG and I, then having meltdowns over them; HIM promoting things like group outings, then having meltdowns over them; HIM promoting cuddle parties, then having meltdowns over them etc.

I would MUCH RATHER JUST KEEP IT ALL SEPARATED than deal with the meltdowns that follow EVERY SINGLE THING HE GIVES ME.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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