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Default Footings/Foundations


I was having great difficulty reconciling the two... My footing was that I needed to have free and open communication with whomever I chose, whenever I chose, about whatever I chose...

This was "not cool" because my partner was having trouble with the depth of communication and the amount of time it was taking up (despite that it was not taking any time away from him)

For me - it was communication I NEEDED as well as WANTED... I was in the process of discovering things about myself, I was gaining strength and insight from this (To me this would equal the development of one or more footings)
BUT was having difficulty processing it and communicating that to my partner...

What was lacking was a solid foundation that I would communicate what I could as I could... I was hurt by what I perceived as a lack of trust, rather than a need by my partner to be involved in what was happening...

Have I got that concept correct in the way you have been terming things Mono?
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