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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Is your husband not right when he says he isn't enough? Otherwise why would you pursue another relationship?
I guess my response is ENOUGH for what? He and I try to flirt with each other and that falls so flat. I love him dearly but he's a bit of a depressive. AND yes he's on medication already.

He and this other guy are about 180 degrees apart in EVERYTHING.... like night and day...

and yet if hubby said 'give it up" I would.
if hubby said "give up swinging" I could and I would. and yes there is a distinction. I do NOT want to give up this new flirtation/relationship with the other guy...

My hubby is more than enough in the bedroom... and he knows that. it's the brain matter that is the issue here....

I'm asking these questions to hopefully help you to explain it to your husband.

Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Why do you want to expand your relationship to include this other man?
because I can? is that a fair answer? this other man... oh how he intrigues me...

hubby would be FINE if it was about sex... that's what swingers do... but with this other guy it's NOT about sex. it's about his brain. I guess that's scary to my DH.

I have a college degree. DH dropped out of 9th grade. he feels inadequate in so many aspects of our life alone and with our friends... it's hard for me to help him to love himself...

Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Be honest with yourself and your husband will likely hear it in your voice. Are you doing this because it is something that interests you only if you are "allowed" to do it, or is it a need of yours to share yourself with others intimately?
I want to do it. I do. BUT not at the expense of my marriage or my husband's feelings. and yet he has to have his friends... and he's ok with his flirts...

Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
In other words, why are you poly? Be specific, be clear and then tell him. If it is because you are lacking excitement then tell him. If it is because you believe in a philosophy of intimate openess then tell him.

A lot of confusion and misunderstandning in these situations seems to come from people not being coherent in why and what they want. If we honestly answer those questions for ourselves then it will likely be much easier to communicate them to a partner.

I believe humans can love more than one person. I do. and I like being the new girl at the party...

this is so new to me... not something I ever considered... not sure what I'm doing here... maybe i'm going down the wrong path...
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