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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Hi, all. So, I just signed up to attend a poly event in my city, and I'm a little nervous because I'm not sure what to expect. It doesn't sound like it will be focused on hooking up, being a holiday party, but I'm just wondering what it will be like (not that I'm expecting anyone here to tell me, but I'm just expressing what's going on in my head). The only poly people I personally know in real life are swingers, too (not my thing), and I'm wondering if they will be at the party, will it be awkward if I run into them there, and so on - sheesh, I feel like a teenager getting ready for a high school dance!
Most poly parties are NOT focussed on hooking up. They are socials and sometimes host poly speakers. They are rarely a dating thing. That takes the pressure off. If you meet people get to know them, then you can go from there.

Congrats though, its a good step

I am looking forward to participating in the Meetup group, which seems to meet just once a month. According to their Welcome page on, it was specifically formed because: "At most poly gatherings, men outnumber women and typically dominate the conversation. The founders of our group saw a need for a group less focused on meeting potential dates and more on providing informed and sympathetic emotional support for our sometimes challenging lovestyle." The roster of members seems to include women who are curious and checking it out, as well as those having lived poly for a long time, so I have a hunch it will be a good local resource for me as I explore this relationship approach for myself.

I am curious to hear others' experiences at poly gatherings. Thanks...
I have never been to an official poly gathering. I have been on a camping trip where everyone was primarily poly. It was a lot of fun. But it was really just a social gathering, in this case, with a really intelligent group of people.

a) it offered a lot of great conversation (not all poly in this case)
b) the topics were very diverse
c) the people are easy going and easy to get along with
d) one of the things I fouind most interesting was watching people within their tribes, how they intermix outside of their tribes and then fall back it. Its a truly interesting human dynamic that is prevalent in the poly world.

As a people watcher, I can enjoy being in a group and watching the interactions. I also like discussion so I can join in.

In the end through all of this babble. Poly groups are like any groups. Lots of people, lots of diversity and lots of interesting discussions.
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