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Default questions a million of them

hello my name is angel. I have been collared to my Master for just over 3 months now and knew He wanted poly going into the relationship. Me i had a couple of bad experiences in the past but was still open to the idea. Master had been exploring with a girl a few years back who went away and then 3 weeks ago came back into HIs life, and while i love her dearly in a lot of ways i find myself getting more and more frustrated. i was supposed to have 1 to 2 years with my Master alone for trust and healing to come about.
She has her own place at the moment but originally came on board as friend, then as Master for a mentor and now is collared.... no one talked to me ahead of time about the collar.... i knew it was something that was desired but it did not need to happen on my birthday when i was supposed to have a night with Master and wended up just going to bed after He played with her. i am sorry i felt robbed.
If a Master says it is a certain girls night for play ... and she decides to go out somewhere because she is being nice to her sister so she can have time to talk about the decision to be collared and knowing how one needs to talk the day after a good beating and then Master decides to have sex with the girl .... does one not have the right to be upset about it.
i am at the point i don't think i want poly.....
for me all poly has ever done is ended up hurting. i have a million more questions but this is a good start, oh and i am not looking for comfort or to hear He was right or i was right but more to understand what is happening

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