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lol Company, that was a funny mental picture

I ended up just talking with Mal for a couple hours last night (and then relieving some other tensions... ) and all in all felt a lot better. I definitely agree that I'm craving other human interaction, too. I *know* a lot of people at school, but generally it's more of a business-like interaction. Working on the more friends bit. I missed the last couple meetings of the club I've joined here, and this week it won't meet because of Thanksgiving, but maybe next week? There's one girl there I might love to have as a friend, I should ask her if we can meet for coffee to talk about something... This board is great for brainstorming lol.

Mal's not very confident in his writing skills, so he's unlikely to get involved online. I'm encouraging him to try to meet people, but it's something that doesn't come naturally for me and even less so for him. He's trying, but I think it's going to take time. Like almost everything worth waiting for, I guess.

I did end up signing up for OK Cupid last night... Had some fun putzing around, may get up the courage to message someone later tonight (a poly woman in our area looking for a unicorn as well - I'm not interested in being a unicorn for a couple, but I'm interested in becoming friends). Also made an agreement with Mal that I won't log on to OK Cupid more than three days a week. I have a tendency to obsess over things, and I think he's right that at this point in our lives, obsessing over a dating website would be bad (definitely for my grades, potentially for my mental health).
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