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Originally Posted by TroubledWater View Post
It's never as simple as "the stress of adding these two people to our household has pushed me to the breaking point."
Of course it's not. She has probably been dropping vauge hints all a long that there are issues and no one has picked up on them, so in her mind she is being ignored. It is easy to forget that small sarcastic remarks, curt replies, etc don't always get picked up by the other person's radar, nor do they carry the same weight to a person without the same emotional turmoil behind it.

It could be that the ladies are not compatible living together, she is feeling neglected, she just needs more alone time, it could be anything. Only she can tell you, but it will take work on both your parts to get to the heart of the problem. When you are talking and she is trying to tell you something, repeat back to her what you heard her say. There may very well be a gap in the translation that neither of you recognize.
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