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'Compromise' will always be justs that; deals you have made that you suffer through and martyr yourself for. Sorry, I have no help in that's department. If you are wanting to discuss boundaries? I have a world of knowledge on that one as I am in a similar configuration and raising a kid just fine.
The boundaries we have, all of us together ere discussed, all of us together. My boyfriend knows and is fully on board with the fact that there is a child here and his metamours feelings, just as my husband and I realize the same thing.
Perhaps you all need to work together to come up with some boundaries that you are all comfortable with.

Your child will be fine. Adults need to have their own thing going on so kids can see they also can. I suggest you have your thing going on too. Its just healthy.

As to NRE? Well, that is a hazzard that comes with the territory. It ends and life normalizes.
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