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Originally Posted by Penny View Post

So, I would have to disagree that greater comfort communicating via text is a sign of potential problems... at least not anymore than just about anything can be seen that way. It is a normal part of my relationships, and has paved the way to greater intimacy.
Yea Penny, I think you missed my point.
Text/writing is a great way to communicate - especially in areas where the subject matter can be a bit complex. By sitting down and composing something, you have time to think through what you want to say and how best to say it. I've used it extensively most of my life. We (mate & I) even used to write 'letters' (real paper & ink) to our kids when they still were at home. Dealing with a letter from both the writer and the reader's standpoint let's you step away from the face-to-face, potentially confrontational moment. It lets you disconnect some of the emotion and deal more with the facts. Very helpful.

But what you described - and granted I'm sure, short and incomplete is a totally different thing. You're describing someone who trembles when dealing in a 'live' environment. What she "writes" may be accurate - more accurate than what she portrays in person. But her inability to line the two up and such a high level of anxiety in a social setting speaks much louder to me. There's 'issues' there. Maybe little ones, maybe huge ones. Time will tell. My only message was.............'be prepared".

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