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I LOVE PDA's! lol Unfortunately neither of my guys are particularly into it . They're fine showing affection in front of a known quantity but not in front of those they don't really know.

One of the most memorable times with both of them together is when I was kissing Possibility good-bye & Breathes reached over & pinched my butt , his wife & their hubby were right there, too, lol.

I'm gathering from your words, LR, that Maca isn't OK even with private displays? If he doesn't see it then it isn't 'real' so he can just keep going as though everything's hunky dory, he's the ONLY man in your life apart from the kids.

I'm curious, are your definitions of public and private the same? For me public is anything where it isn't just the two of us, for them (I haven't confirmed this and am not about to at this ridiculous hour) I think it's more along the lines of outside the house & (for Possibility) as long as my kids aren't present. Private, for me, is anything inside the house no matter who's around although it can also include just the two of us.

Much hugs. I hope he settles this for himself soon so you can go back to living your life happily.

As an aside: I'm enjoying reading your blog and seeing the process you're going through trying to get through this.
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