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Until I read "horny" I was thinking about the human affliction of gravitating towards things that interest us and are interested in us, and the need for events that support and affirm us.

Now that you've tossed sex into the pile, I'm still thinking in that general direction. Except now that poor lonely couple staring up at the same moon is stark naked. Mwehehehehe.

You seem to be coping well with all the stress, even with challenges abound. I think my partner worries about me in a similar way that you do about Mal though. . . have you tried getting him to open up here? Or perhaps somewhere else online? The internet is surprisingly anonymous when you stop using your tax returns as your signature on forums because you want everyone to know that you came this close to getting a pool, except her bills were almost past due and I really wanted to keep our credit looking good so we could spring for that corolla LE next year.

Err, yeah. Even a close friend could help open his world up. I talk to my Dad when I feel confined and need advice (he's like a bottle of ripened Jewish wisdom).
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