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I don't think its such a bad thing to bend a little. It's the start of a negotiation process and you seemingly have thrown out what he has offered without giving it a thought and some respect. It's like someone giving you the gift of their most vulnerable heart in the form of something they have made(regardless of the packaging) and you not even opening it and throwing it out the window in hast and anger.

Sorry LR, not fair I don't think.

He needed reassurance that he is still your man, and you have just confirmed that he is full of shit and can fuck right off with being your man. Is that what you meant to say to his hurting heart? He is trying to heal no?

This is where we at the hinges of vees don't get to ever have our cake and eat it too. We are always doing what we can to make sure that our loves are feeling appreciated and cared for, sometimes at the expense of what we really want in the moment...

If this were me I think I would suck it up, agree to do this with the understanding that if you are not to touch who you want to then neither is he, and go out and have the best time ever. Knowing that boundary negotiations are not over yet.

A good party or two could really help ease the tension and normalize things for all of you, move you past the crap that is going on... is that not the bigger gain? The greater good? There is lots of time to touch GG in private, who cares if you can't in public.

In my life I am very careful to not touch either men too much. If I do I make sure it is even and does not send off an message to them or those watching that I favor one over the other. Most of the time it's just easier to be private in our touching. The reassurance I give is so important, even if I really would not normally bother under any other circumstance and don't really see any value in it for myself directly... the direct benefit is that they are comfortable and happy and love me more because of it... all good stuff back again... then stuff like that usually eases in time.
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