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so, her husband, your boyfriend, does not want her to have another man, but its okay for him to have you? Is that right?

And then she has been cheating to get around that situation?

time for a reality check all around I think,

for her, to start advocating to get her needs met and pulling him in to negotiating boundaries that work for her and him...

for him, time to get his head out of his ass and realize he is not the center of the universe and that the world does not revolve around his desire. He will have a hard time no doubt, but is the fact that she cheated in order to get her needs met not a hard time now? At least he would of had the chance to navigate the hard part himself instead of her dictating it for him,

and you, what will you do? If this were me I would back the hell up and give it all a good long break, at least until they are all tested and have their marriage worked out. That could be ages, but you will have the space to find someone that is more suitable and straightforward... having learned a lesson possibly?
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