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Agreeing with most said here, but I wanted to add that perhaps she is very much an internet person... grown up socializing and learning skills on line rather than in real life. I find that scary personally as I am very hands on and just not of that generation. I find it alarming how many people are just not able to function in the real world but function just fine on line.

I think if this were me I would talk to her about her internet use and see if this is the case... then I think I would go with what she has learned and communicate with her that way... if she is comfortable in that then so be it... next I would have her repeat the whole conversation over again in a real face to face discussion. It can be used to clarify and go over how you all feel in real life. Perhaps in time she will be able to come up with her own expression of how she feels without using any crutch as a go between. That way you may all get what you need to feel secure, safe and comfortable in your communications together.
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