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I am not a fan of compromise as it indicates to me that getting to the bottom of an issue has not happened yet and that boundaries are precariously placed still. Usually a compromise is made as a temporary measure in order to preserve a moment where everything is up in the air.... for me it's about boundary setting...

Can they cut back in order to enjoy your new married life? Can you give a bit on the all or nothing bit and allow some time for them to be together? These are the questions that need to be asked I think...

I think I would be remembering that this isn't my life and my life only, you are part of three peoples lives, yours, your partners and their partners. That is possibly four or five different relationships to take care of. Who are you to make the be decisions on those? Where is the consideration, compassion, and respect? They are not getting married, you are to your partner... that is a totally different relationship to that that involves you. It needs to be respected as such I think.
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