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I will attempt a few of your questions... most are common to this forum and you will find your answers quickly, I think, if you look around a bit.

Ari had some good advice... I'm not sure why your search engine is not working... weird.
Originally Posted by oikord View Post
- Safe sex vs. unprotected in Polyamory
- After testing for STDs is it ever acceptable for unprotected
unprotected sex is called "fluid bonding," which really should only be achieved with the consent of all and with the understanding that protection will be used with new people or that everyone is poly fi; not having sex with anyone outside of the tribe.

Originally Posted by oikord View Post
- What to do during panic attack when your responsible for three children
What are you doing caring for the kids all the time? When does she care for them so that you can go out and do your thing? Is she available when away? Can you reach her and have her be there in a moments notice? The idea is to achieve balance. Not be an absent parent.

Originally Posted by oikord View Post
- Do modern therapists know about Polyamory or can be effective in dealing if this is the lifestyle we are going to have (i.e. we're not looking to change back to both Mono)
yes, there are poly friendly therapists that will be able to address the issues you are having with you

Originally Posted by oikord View Post
- Can male-mono female-poly both hetero work?
yes, with more hard work than a poly/poly or mono/mono relationship it seems
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