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Originally Posted by Fidelia View Post
Did you say FOURTEEN MONTHS? Geesh! I was thinking I could refrain myself from PDA's for maybe a week, two max. Then revisit the issue. Fourteen months? With little or no forward motion? Good heavens! No wonder you're at the end of your rope!

Of course not, Beloved. And I hope you know I'm just trying to help. O's and X's right back at you.
I do know-that's why I wrote-I knew everyone would be caringly HONEST.
Sometimes it helps to just hear things from someone else so you know it's not just in your own head.

Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
If this has been going on for so long and he just can't handle it, I think maybe he's just not worth the hassle. Seems like he won't really change his mind and always have his double standards. Personally, I'd leave him on his arse and let him live his own way, but I wouldn't want a thing to do with it. Seems like it would be not just you, but also GG getting the hard end of this. I say you and GG go away and live it the way you're wanting to.
It's not quite as easy as that, we have 5 kids and the youngest is 3. BUT-I do understand your point, quite well.
I told him tonight-life is simply a series of choices-make a choice and live it-stop spinning in circles whining about what the choice is, it's wasting your time (and mine).
yes, GG and the kids and Mimi all do get the hardest end of this.

Originally Posted by Breathesgirl View Post
I'm trying to give you a laugh LR, so please take it that way when I *give you the use of my CLUE-BY-FOUR* which is used to hit the clueless, or those who aren't seeing reality, upside the head so they CAN see the clues or reality!

Many hugs & positive thoughts headed to the very frozen north!
Thank you Breathes-I did take it that way.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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