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I have found FEW men who are not pigs. One or two actually. Myself, and another guy. Thats not to say that there aren't any others out there....but...we are harder to find than a unicorn! :P LOL As Ariakis said, discussion is how to weed through them. If you find them on OKC, for example, and the first thing they want is more pics or naked pics, or they want to take the discussion sexual immediatly....Usually a sign of a pig. If you meet up with them, and then suddenly, they want to know if you want to go to a hotel room....pig! If you meet up with them, and tell them that you have to go....go home and suddenly, you have 15 texts about sex and how hot you guessed it...PIG!

Maybe I'm slow...Maybe I'm old fashioned. I've been out on 4 dates with my current interest. We've both show some attraction to each other, but I haven't really taken any conversations sexual yet. Why? Because I want to know HER....not just the sexual side of her. I want to know all about her. What she does for fun, who else she's dating if anyone, what she does for work, what kind of music does she like, is she a prissy girl...or a tomboy, how does she spend her free time....Those sort of things. If she wants to move faster than me, I'm sorry...I have to hold off and possibly even date someone else. If, however, she is willing to be patient and wait and also shows an interest in those same types of things from me....THEN I'm SUPER turned on and I have SO much more respect for her.

I've moved super fast before.... Like, slept with the girl on the first date....And some of the relationships lasted up to 3 years. But that was when it all fizzled out...I want this next one to last for a LOT longer than that. In order for that to happen, she has to get along with my wife.....

ALL men have pig qualities. MY version of a "pig" may not be the same as yours.....My own wife just pointed out some of MY pig ish qualities. DOH! LOL
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