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Yes as silly as it may sound I do get upset that she doesn't make the first move. I like to be chased... i am attracted to aggressiveness, I love that shit. And I don't mean aggressive sexually either but that's good also...just be aggressive with me . Mainly through conversation. If you can engage my mind and keep my attention then I'm yours. I want and need a lot of attention especially from someone who needs the same but I. Have a hard time giving what I'm not it's a struggle.

Now don't get me wrong I know communication is key. I understand thinking outside the box to make it work and I also understand that a lot of the time my feelings about are my own and I do own them just nobody in this relationship likes it. Everyone says express how you feel but nobody likes it when I do. Which sometimes leaves me with apologizng a lot because of how I express them but they also don't take the time to really listen either. Sometimes the frustrations are too overwhelming.
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